Tal Naveh

Scivantage Investor Mobile



Scivantage Investor is an advanced online brokerage solution and comprehensive customer service tool for banks and brokerage firms.


A changing landscape

At the time, fewer than 25% of the top 100 financial institutions offered a fully integrated, self-directed investment channel.

Scivantage, a FinTech100 technology provider of wealth management solutions, saw that opportunity and set off to build a mobile offering of their online investment platform.

Working alongside a product manager and UX designer, I was responsible for the interaction and UI design of the product.


Designing for a white-labeled product

There are a special set of challenges designing for white-labeled products. Knowing it would eventually be rebranded, it was still important for us to design a product with mobile and aesthetic standards in mind.


Trade anytime and anywhere

We wanted to give users the ability to trade on the fly from anywhere in the app. We added the Quick Trade widget which allows users to tap on any symbol anywhere in the app with shortcuts to buy, sell, add to a watchlist, and more.